Marie Antoinette's Paris

Marie Antoinette' paris

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Collections of portraits in one of the salons of Löfstad Castle, home to the von Fersen/Piper family in Norrköping. 

Unfortunately, the light glazed over the lower painting in the first picture. Either way, from left to right, top row, are Axel von Fersen (junior) and his younger sister Sophie Piper; the bottom painting is also Axel von Fersen the younger, in 1800.

The second picture, from left to right, shows Adolf Ludvig Piper (husband to Sophie Piper); Axel von Fersen the younger at 14 years; Sophie Piper. The bottom painting depicts Marie Thérèse Charlotte, the daughter of Marie Antoinette; this was given as a gift to the Fersen family from the French Court, showing the deep bonds of friendship between the queen and von Fersen.